What Is The Best Age To Have A Portrait Made?

The short answer is: ANY and EVERY age! And that is really true. Think about it. Newborn babies. It is common for hospitals with maternity wards to have a staff photographer, or a photographer on contract to come in and make photographs of every newborn baby. I really don’t know of any photographs of this type that qualify as ‘portraits’, but it is common for them to be made.

I feel that it’s best to create a portrait of newborns in a studio or in the home when they are 10 to 14 days old. By then their skin is adapted to the air and they are a little stronger than when they first emerged from the womb. And beautiful newborn portraits can be created when attention is paid to the lighting and background, and props.

Because babies are constantly changing and growing, they should have their portraits made at, (besides when newborn), 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, and 12 months. Then portraits should be made of them at least once a year up to and throughout their teen years. At the very least, portraits should be made of children at the completion of pre-school, the completion of elementary school, at the completion of middle school, completion of junior high school, and in their senior year of high school. Portraits should absolutely be made to commemorate the graduating from college or university!

Portraits should be made at the entry into the business world with the first job, or entry into the military. Whenever there is a change in career, or a promotion within a career a portrait should be made.

Portraits should be made when a couple gets engaged, and are a must at the time of the wedding! Portraits should be made when visiting exotic locals such as when on vacation with your spouse or family. These kinds of portraits also remind you of the place you visited and the experience of the place as well as recording you in a relaxed and happy frame of mind.

The first family portrait should be made when the couple is pregnant with their first child. And of course maternity portraits are a wonderful way to commemorate the expectancy of a child.

Speaking of family portraits, generally as long as there are children in the house a family portrait should be made every 5 years. Of course as discussed above, the young children should have portraits made every year, or at least with every change of school level, but with the family at least every 5 years. Then after the children have left the “nest”, a new family portrait should be made every 10 years at least.

Now with regard to family portraits, there are many ways that the whole family dynamic changes through the years. When your children have children, and you become grandparents, this is another perfect time to have a family portrait made. When parents retire from their careers is another opportune time for a family portrait as well as a portrait of the one retiring.

When grandchildren get married, essentially the family is growing, and this of course is a good time to have a new family portrait made.

Now as I’m writing this, I am reminded of another occasion for portraits. When a lady is engaged to be married, it is not uncommon for her to have boudoir portraits made as a gift for her husband to be. In fact that is not the only reason to have boudoir portraits made.

In case you aren’t familiar with the term “Boudoir Portraits”, these are more intimate and sensual portraits. Boudoir is a French word referring to a lady’s bedroom, or dressing room. Typically in these type of portraits the subject will be wearing lingerie, or draped with some kind of material, or even nude.

As I said, boudoir portraits make for a very special gift for a husband to be, or as an anniversary present. But there is another reason for young women to have boudoir portraits made. In my career as a portrait photographer I have had many young ladies come to me for boudoir portraits not as a gift for anyone, but to have as a record of how good they looked at a particular age in their life. One such young lady told me she wanted to be able to show her granddaughter one day as proof that she was in fact “Beautiful back in the day!”

I’ve mentioned many examples of “ages” or times in life when it is appropriate to have portraits made, and there are more. Any milestone in life is a good time for a portrait, and this continues on throughout life. Life definitely goes on after retirement and there can be many more accomplishments that should be commemorated with a portrait.

When great grandchildren enter the picture, (so to speak), of course this is a great time for a new family portrait, but also for a multi-generational portrait, such as 4 generations of the women of the family or 4 generations of the men of the family. And many people will have a portrait made in later life to use as a memorial portrait when they die. It’s just another way of planning for the future, and saving surviving relatives from having to scramble to find a photo for the obituary or to display at the funeral. So, let me say again that any age, and every age is the right age to have a portrait made!

Family Portrait Plans – A Professional Portrait Studio’s Money-Making Idea

What if you took every phone or internet inquiry for a family portrait and converted it to an appointment? What if as a bonus to you and the customer you got them involved for two more appointments? Sound good? Our purpose with this studio promotion is two fold. One, get today’s sitting by being different and offering the great value and service of a Family Portrait Plan. Secondly, future portrait sessions will be committed to our photography studio.

To begin, print up a little certificate booklet containing three certificates each offering an 8×10 portrait and basic sitting. Price this booklet so that you receive the regular price for one session and 8×10 and then add in your basic production costs for the other two sessions and prints. This could just be your cost for the 8×10 prints if you decide to speculate on the additional two session fees. This is now your selling price for the booklet. Please note, your price needs to be a marketing attractive price such as $39.95; $79.95; $89; $49. You get the idea. It also needs to be close to an impulse price where the customer finds it hard not to take you up on your offer.

Now when someone calls shopping for a deal, you have it! Explain you have a special three sitting package that can be used by their family during the next 1-2 years. This could be of the kids, the entire family, mom & dad, grandma & grandpa, the puppy, their senior or a wedding portrait etc. The neat part is that by making the advance purchase they get a super deal. They get three for less than the cost of two. As a “but wait, there is more” offer, explain you have special additional print prices that go along with this plan as an exclusive, “just for them”.

Show the value of your offer by stating the full price of the three portrait sittings and three 8×10 prints. If this customer does any shopping and your competitors all quote the full price for one session, your offer with three portrait sessions for nearly the same price is a tremendous value. Realize that people first calling and asking prices are usually shocked by $100+ quotes for one picture. Everyone will be telling them numbers like this. You will be different because you have not only taken care of this picture opportunity but the other photographic opportunities this customer will need during the next year or two. This will appear as a big savings in this lady’s mind. Of course you need to talk about more than price. Remember this, people buy on emotions, so you still have to get them involved and excited about your photography studio making their picture. Mention all the great memories these portrait sessions will preserve. The great times the family will have enjoying their photographs and memories of their being together. Logic (a sale, good value, service etc.) though keeps this sold and them happy.

Refunds–If someone moves and asks for a refund of the unused coupons they get the costs that the remaining coupons are worth as stated in writing on each coupon. Since you are providing these two sessions for nearly free and the prints are greatly reduced in price this refund would be fairly small but you should state this clearly on each coupon.

What should you do with the extra money for the remaining two coupons, the plan price minus the first session selling price and 8×10 print. You are required to hold this in escrow. Even if you are not in your area required to do so you should. These saved funds will finance the program costs as they occur. You will not be sitting in your studio during a slow season and wondering how you are going to pay for the 8×10 print for a speculative sitting.

Extra Hints–During the first sitting and sales cycle find out for who and when they would like the next portrait taken. Write this down in your card file and remind these people of their need for the sitting. This little step will help you fill in your slow time. Keep track of the extra sales. If someone is a poor additional purchaser you need not be so quick to call the customer for an appointment. For those minimal purchasers you could help reduce costs by grouping sessions and orders on specific days or limiting length of sessions. That is why the coupon mentions no numbers of exposures, only a Basic or Standard Sitting.

Pet Portraits

Our valued pets have become part of our lives and continue to make a difference to our lives. And that is the reason why we capture moments with them such as with the use of imaging or photos so as we can cherish memories with them. However, having your pet shown in oil and canvas can make a whole lot of difference. With pet portraits, you can also have the artist capture the spirit of your pet, whether a dog or a cat or whatever you prefer and stand it on a background to make it more personalized.

Your pet can be drawn life-like on pet portraits with the medium of oil or watercolor. The difference between pet portraits and a digital image is that it its drawn originally by hand, making it more special to celebrate life with them.

If you hire an artist to make your portraits of your pet, you can request to have it framed or not after. Most would leave the framing decision to you as they see it as a personal preference but others can arrange everything for you and you simply enjoy their craftsmanship without too much hassle on your part.

When you hire a professional servicing to make your portraits, it is best that you check their samples. Yet in this field, most service providers have been tested by time and adhere to high quality standards with regards to the material and to the quality of the portrait.

100% handmade, detailed and personal, pet portraits would surely satisfy your taste for a medium to cherish moments and live life with pets regarded as a family member.

Whether you prefer custom drawings, paintings from photos or simply the magic of fine arts, you will not regret choosing fine arts to capture memories of your pet. Much more, it would be a gift to your pet if it is drawn by a prominent painter.

If you want to capture moments with them forever, pet portraits are a good way to show their value. Bring your pet to life in fine art portrait of oil pastel.