5 Great Tips On Choosing A Digital Camera For Your Children’s Portraits

Many people think that they need a really expensive camera to
take quality portraits of their kids, but be reassured that this
just isn’t so. On the other end of that spectrum are disposable
cameras. Although they are certainly affordable, disposable
cameras are not recommended for taking quality pictures of those
special moments in your children’s lives.

The best camera to consider for purchase is a digital camera.
There are so many different kinds of digital cameras on the
market today with many choices and features. Terms such as
megapixels and features like zoom and memory cards can be
extremely confusing to the consumer.

Let’s first define some common terms that you might see when
shopping for a digital camera.


A megapixel is the quality or resolution of a photograph.
To understand this, you must first start with a pixel.
When looking at a picture on your computer or on your
digital camera, a pixel is one dot on that picture. Your
picture is made up of many dots or pixels. Therefore,
one megapixel is one million pixels. The more megapixels
you have, the more dots or pixels there will be, making
your picture quality much better.

Digital Zoom

Digital zoom goes in increments or steps as you zoom
closer to your subject. It actually crops your image on
the camera to a smaller size and then enlarges that
cropped portion to fill your frame or your view of the
image. You definitely lose picture quality when using
your digital zoom.

Optical Zoom

Optical zoom is just like the zoom on a 35mm camera. The
lens changes and magnifies as it gets closer to your
subject. This keeps great picture quality even though
you have zoomed in.

Memory Cards

All cameras come with an internal memory. Internal
memories, however, do not hold many pictures on them. A
memory card will have to be purchased. But before buying
a memory card, check to see what kind of card that the
camera uses.

LCD Screen

The LCD screen is simply the screen on the back of the
camera that allows you to look at your subject or view
your images that you have already taken. Bigger is
better as a larger LCD screen allows for easier viewing.
An LCD screen is just one feature that makes taking your
kids portraits a snap. If you don’t like what you see,
you can take more pictures until you have the shots you

Now that we have broadened our knowledge base on some
terminology, here are some recommendations for which qualities
you need in choosing the right camera for taking your kids

You may surprised to know that you can take beautiful pictures of
your kids with a digital camera with a 6 megapixel. You can go
higher in megapixels, but unless you are a professional
photographer, save some change by sticking to no more than a 6

Speaking of extra change, extra money would be wisely spent on
the optical zoom feature. You want to be able to zoom in and get
close-ups of your child. The more zoom equals the better quality
of the close-ups. A 10X optical zoom is an intelligent
investment as it is equivalent to 380mm in a 35mm camera. 380mm
is equal to 1247 feet! Digital zoom is not recommended.

You want to look for a 512 MB or 1 GB card. Some common memory
cards are Secure Digital, CompactFlash, Memory Stick and XD.
Because there are a great number of different manufacturers and
many suppliers of memory cards, you can shop around and find a
great deal which may even include rebates.

Although LCD screens are a wonderful feature, when taking your
children’s portraits use the viewfinder on the camera. This will
avoid movement or shaking of the camera and therefore will
produce nicer picture quality.

With these recommendations, you will be well on your way to
taking breath-taking, professional-looking portraits of your