Portrait of a Historical Phenomenon

A picture speaks a thousand words, and capturing a moment in time with our family can give us hours upon hours of wonderful memories. A family portrait is an heirloom, a legacy, and each tells a story about our nearest and dearest.

Children are growing up faster and faster, and getting all the family together for a family portrait while they are young and still at home enables us to keep the family altogether, long after the children have flown the nest.

Archaeological evidence shows that the art of taking a portrait dates back to pre-historic times and ancient civilizations, particularly the rulers of ancient Egypt. Over the centuries, portraits were painted on all kinds of materials including stone, clay, metal, plaster, wood, and even ivory.

Before the invention of photography, portrait paintings were for the rich and powerful, and recorded the status and position of notable figures in society; they were traditionally created in oil paints. Over time it became popular for the middle-classes to commission portraits of families or loved ones. Today it is the likes of governments, corporations, clubs and individuals that are keeping the trend of portrait paintings alive.

The popularity of photography in the 19th century made portraits a cheaper and more accessible option for the masses, and has been our preferred mode of capturing moments on print ever since.

These days the trend for an official, composed family portrait makes for a true family keepsake. It’s a great investment that can be passed down from generation to generation. Many local professional photographers offer a session at a studio or will even come to your home. Online companies, like Venture, offer many different kinds of styles of portraits to suit all tastes and homes – from the traditional, relaxed family pose, to fun, offbeat images.

An emerging trend is to have a favourite family photo turned into a work of art. Working from the print, artists can recreate the image as an oil painting, ensuring it will last for an eternity. Alternatively you can have a photograph printed onto canvas, to make a really contemporary work of art. Either of these can be an innovative and apprecatied gift for a parent or grandparent.

Alternatively, if we need something less formal and a lot cheaper, taking our own family snaps is the natural option. The digital age has enabled us to become much better photographers, and we have the freedom to take as many shots as our digital camera’s memory card allows. Using on-line resources, we can edit and enhance until our heart’s content, download them onto a memory stick and slot images into our digital photo frames, thus creating constant reminders of those special memories with our beloved family.

Commissioning a family portrait will not only grant some quality time with our loved ones but will provide us with a unique way to keep our precious family memories alive.

Capture Your Memories With Stunning And Unique Photography

For most people, having your portraits taken often involves finding a family photography studio that can handle your specific wants and needs. You do not want to go to the big box photography studio for the same old, worn out photos. Especially when you are looking for a baby portrait photographer, you want them to be special and unique. Getting your baby’s portraits taken is so important, as they grow so quickly it is almost like overnight that they are walking and talking. With a skilled baby portrait photographer, you can get the most stunning pictures of your newborn miracle that will move your heart every time you look at them.

With a bit of artistic flair, your photos of your babies will be not only unique, but also timeless in their beauty and feel. The same rings true for older babies, as no matter what kind of baby you have, you can get the unique, adorable baby photos you have ever seen. The changes in your baby over the course of a short year is astonishing, so you will surely want the best baby portrait photographer you can find to capture these memories forever. With a baby plan, you can have your baby’s pictures taken at those special milestones, whether they be a few months apart, month by month, or whatever you want to make sure that you have the best baby photos that capture the amazing look that only babies have. If you want to really step it up, you can even have a birthday bash with your baby portrait photographer, replete with cake and photos. This is a great idea, because you will not have to clean up the mess.

Babies grow up into toddlers and then older children so quickly, you often wonder where the time has gone. Sometimes, when its time for the family portraits, your kids decide that they would rather be doing something other than having their pictures taken. This is the advantage to having your photos taken at a family photography studio, though. There is nothing more fun than a genuine picture of your family, in all their splendor acting and looking as they do every day. Instead of a conformist photo session, let your family’s love and true colors come out. They will make the best pictures that you have ever seen, and will make your heart beam with pride every time you look at them.

You are really only limited by your imagination what kind of photos you want taken for yourself or your family. You can have photos taken of your pets, or even with your pets as a family. For particularly special baby photos and memories, have some maternity photos taken. Being pregnant is an exciting time in any woman’s life, so why not capture those memories forever with stunning photos. Capture all of life’s memories, from conception to birth, first steps and beyond, all with incredible photography. Every time you look at your photos, you will remember the feelings of that moment in time, and smile with love and joy.

The Maternity Portrait – Memories That Last A Lifetime!

Being pregnant can be a wonderful experience for a couple; while some days may seem to go on forever, it’s important to realize that you’ll only be pregnant with the little one once and having pictures can help you remember that beautiful time.

The first step in getting maternity photos is finding the right photographer. Many photographers have samples of their portfolios on their website, so do some searching and keep an eye out for their style. Some maternity photos can be very artsy and black and white, while others are more relaxed and natural. You should also meet the photographer before hiring him or her, it’s important that you feel comfortable in front of him to get the best pictures.

Another thing to remember when considering maternity photos is that they’re often done nude or semi-nude. Think about how you’ll dress before the shoot, you don’t want your clothing to leave lines on your tummy that show up in the pictures! No underwear is a good idea, and many women even forgo a bra. If the photographer will be coming to your house to take photos this won’t be so difficult, but if you’ll be shooting in a studio, bring along your undergarments in case there are any errands to run afterward.

Also be sure to tell your photographer exactly what you want. If you’re afraid to give him direction or tell him what you expect of the finished product, you’ll only be disappointed with the result. If you’re not planning to go nude, let him know. Many photographers have in mind what they expect out of a shoot, so unless they know your expectations, trouble can result. Also bring along props or specific clothing you may want to use and tell him that you’ll be bringing it.

Money is also a big factor when it comes to hiring the right photographer for the job. Be sure to look through their portfolio to get an idea of what to expect; if they’ve done maternity photos in the past look at them closely and know that that’s what you can expect of your own. It’s important to know what you’ll get and feel good about paying him for a job well done.

Hair and makeup is another option to consider when getting your photos taken. While some expectant mommies may hire a professional to get the right look, many prefer to style their hair and makeup natural and everyday. This will convey a relaxed, effortlessness that will come through in the photos and last for years to come.