Pet Loss Memorial

The loss of a beloved pet can cause overwhelming grief. For many of us, it is losing a family member, leaving our hearts and hands empty. Daily life is very different after losing a pet. Special areas throughout the house are now quiet. We wonder how to get through such a hard time.

Every pet owner deals with pet loss in a different way. A good way to help cope with the pain is to think about a pet memorial. They help us to remember the good times and the period of our lives spent together – whether short or very long. Pet memorials are a way of making sure the memory of their life is not forgotten.

An example of a pet memorial is to have a hand drawn portrait made of your pet. This can be as simple as finding your favorite photograph and sending it to a reputable portrait artist. Going through photographs of your pet can be very therapeutic, as well. There may be photos of a certain expression he used to make, or a certain posture she was in all the time. You may have photos of the chair he used to sit in or maybe you captured her in the middle of an afternoon nap. You may find yourself smiling at the photographs as you rummage through them. The one that gives you the most pleasure, the one that makes you say, “Oh, that is him. right there!” is the one to have made into a portrait.

Black and white drawings truly focus on your pet’s personality and beauty. The strong contrast brings out the sparkle in the eyes and the softness of fur. Most people put these portraits in a prominent place in their home to be viewed by everyone for generations. Each time you pass by the portrait it brings back happy memories.

Pet loss is hard. There is no easy way to get through it. Doing something like a pet memorial can help you begin to focus on the happy times you had with your pet and treasure those moments forever.