Senior Class Portraits: The First Impression

Make this time the most memorable moment of your life. The school is about to end, you’ll step into the real world soon and have many responsibilities, so spend this time being carefree and happy. The internet is full of ideas for senior class portraits so start the creative juices flowing and go crazy.

Photo Shoot ideas

– Your photographer will have plenty of ideas for the session but you can always add your own style. Though balloons might seem childish but when incorporated in the right way, they can gives a great look to your portraits. Sparkles and confetti are other nice addition to the photos, adding a little bit of magic. Or go for a more sparkling look with sparklers; write your name with one for a more glittery setting.

– Abandoned or remote locations look wonderful, with just the right lightening and camera angle. You can go for this option since the photographer can control the level of exposure. As for you, act for the part and get weird.

– Or just do the opposite and get creative on the busy city streets. A shot of you standing by the passing traffic, or waiting at the bus stop. The photographer should use the sunlight to create a unique image. There are so many ways you can make this session exciting and beautiful too.

– A natural background would look lovely – stand in a field of flowers, lie down in a bright pillow of green grass, or get the looming mountains in the distance. All of these would give a more natural look to the photos.

– Dress up in glittery gowns and sparkling heels and get a fairy tale photo shoot. Get cute with farm animals or just include your pets. They make pretty good photo partners.

– Use some props to hold or sit on during the session, such as a book, chair or an umbrella maybe.

– These photos are a great way to showcase your special talents. If you are a musician, incorporate your instrument in the photos. Get your sports spirit on and get creative on the field of your favorite sport.

During the shoot

– Relax and be comfortable with he settings.

– If you are in a studio, ask the photographer to put on some music to ease the tension.

– Follow the photographer’s direction. They will know the best poses to get a good photo so do what they say, even if it might seem silly.

– Let that smile come naturally or you’ll get a mechanical smile that looks horrible. If you are relaxed, the smile will look great. A little tip to help you; leave a little space between the teeth for a genuine looking smile.

– Allow yourself little breaks during the photos and take a sip of water to cool down.

This time will not return so make sure that you enjoy every last bit. But most importantly, choose the photographer that will make this time more special and creative. Visit and make these senior year portraits memories to relish.