The Maternity Portrait – Memories That Last A Lifetime!

Being pregnant can be a wonderful experience for a couple; while some days may seem to go on forever, it’s important to realize that you’ll only be pregnant with the little one once and having pictures can help you remember that beautiful time.

The first step in getting maternity photos is finding the right photographer. Many photographers have samples of their portfolios on their website, so do some searching and keep an eye out for their style. Some maternity photos can be very artsy and black and white, while others are more relaxed and natural. You should also meet the photographer before hiring him or her, it’s important that you feel comfortable in front of him to get the best pictures.

Another thing to remember when considering maternity photos is that they’re often done nude or semi-nude. Think about how you’ll dress before the shoot, you don’t want your clothing to leave lines on your tummy that show up in the pictures! No underwear is a good idea, and many women even forgo a bra. If the photographer will be coming to your house to take photos this won’t be so difficult, but if you’ll be shooting in a studio, bring along your undergarments in case there are any errands to run afterward.

Also be sure to tell your photographer exactly what you want. If you’re afraid to give him direction or tell him what you expect of the finished product, you’ll only be disappointed with the result. If you’re not planning to go nude, let him know. Many photographers have in mind what they expect out of a shoot, so unless they know your expectations, trouble can result. Also bring along props or specific clothing you may want to use and tell him that you’ll be bringing it.

Money is also a big factor when it comes to hiring the right photographer for the job. Be sure to look through their portfolio to get an idea of what to expect; if they’ve done maternity photos in the past look at them closely and know that that’s what you can expect of your own. It’s important to know what you’ll get and feel good about paying him for a job well done.

Hair and makeup is another option to consider when getting your photos taken. While some expectant mommies may hire a professional to get the right look, many prefer to style their hair and makeup natural and everyday. This will convey a relaxed, effortlessness that will come through in the photos and last for years to come.